I offer both Classic and Volume lashes. Regardless of which method used, I will assess the condition of your natural lashes to make sure I apply the appropriate weight of extension(s). Below are descriptions of each. Check out the Gallery for some photos.

Classic Lashes

A 1:1 application process. I adhere 1 extension to 1 natural lash. For most clients, this is a very natural look! Because I apply extensions to every natural lash, every client will not have the same look as some clients have more/less natural lashes.

  • Full set $125
  • 1 week touch-up: $45
  • 2 week in-fill: $60
  • 3 week in-fill: $90

Volumes Lashes

Here, I apply multiple extensions (2-15) to one lash to achieve a fuller look. Depending on the volume, this can range from a very natural look to a very bold look.

  • Full Sets start at $150
  • 1 week touch-up: starting at $60
  • 2 week in-fill: starting at $85
  • 3 week in-fill: starting at $110